Occasion Cards

Trent may struggle expressing different emotions personally but he has no problems doing it on paper!   Whether you want to express joy, hope, sadness, exuberance or wish someone a fantastic happy birthday you can say a lot with Drawings by Trent occasion cards.  Trent may not be able to communicate verbally, but the animals he draws leave no question about how they are feeling!  

And check out the Color It Different cards!  These are mixed up animals from Trent's own mind that you can color before you send, or let those you send them to color them - either way it's fun for everyone! 

Each box of cards comes with 3 copies of the 4 images shown as well as 13 envelopes -'cause that's how the other card boxes do it.  And all but the Birthday cards are blank inside - the Birthday cards say happy birthday in Trent's own handwriting!