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Drawings by Trent

Trent was diagnosed with level 3 or severe autism at two years old. At about two and a half Trent picked up a pen and a started drawing - even that very first drawings was incredible! At about four years old Trent began to display violent bouts of aggression. During those difficult years, Trent continued to draw but the aggression, changing schools several times, therapies, and his siblings' school events made it difficult to do much else. In 2016, Trent's first drawing video went viral. With the help of his school, Heartspring in Wichita, KS, we developed his first coloring book, then shirts, and other items followed. In 2021, Trent's TikTok account took off and we realized Drawings by Trent could provide for Trent's future, teach him valuable job skills, and bring joy to millions of people all over the world!

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I love this young man!! He is amazing!! My original piece hangs on my wall in a place of honor!!

Stephanie T

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I absolutely love your page and Trent’s story. I found this page at a dark time in my life when it was very difficult for me to find joy or positivity in anything. This page has on more than one occasion been the only reason I smiled that day. I just want to thank you for sharing Trent’s beautiful story and talents.

Morgan M

Just received my shirt today and I’m in love. I work in an intensive needs preschool classroom and many of my little friends have Autism. I can’t wait to rock this shirt at school and show my support. You’re amazing!!

Brittany I

Amazing, Trent. You have a special gift. Thank you for sharing it with the world.

Donny Y

The Whole Family Is Involved

Where would we be without family? Trent's siblings have various talents of their own, and are a very important part of Trent's life. A new DBT project is the podcast Used Up Pens - a Drawings by Trent Podcast! This podcast is produced by Trent's brother, Trevor, and hosted by Trent's sister, Tristen. Trent's family talk about life with Trent and hopefully are an encouragement to families learning to live with similar challenges. We hope you will join us in listening to Used Up Pens - a Drawings by Trent Podcast!

Listen to the Used Up Pens podcast by clicking here.