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Though Trent does not have conversation speech his family would love to hear from you!  Fill out the form below to contact us!

You can follow Trent:   @drawingsbytrent            Facebook

You can also follow Trent's school:    @Heartspring                   Facebook


Drawings by Trent is open to licensing opportunities and believes that Trent's creativity and captivating images would work great on a variety of products and for a variety of companies.  The success of GroVia's Heartspring diaper is proof that Trent's art has a wide appeal and will bring recognition and excitement to your brand or product.  

We believe Trent's art can be used dynamically in many baby items including, clothing, wall decor, borders and sheet sets, just to name a few.  But his whimsical style and the emotion displayed will lend itself to a wide variety of other options like T-Shirts, wall art, greeting cards, plates, even a cartoon show!  

If you are interested in licensing Trent's art please use the contact form below.