We offer FREE SHIPPING to all US addresses! 
We do ship internationally but do not offer free shipping to non-US addresses. 

How long will it take to receive my purchase?

Trent's Dad and Mom work hard to ship orders out quickly, typically within 24 hours for most orders.  

However, during busy times, holidays, in-person events with Trent, vacations, etc, it could take longer to process your order.  Please remember that Trent's parents both work other jobs and manage Trent's store, shipping and social channels in the evenings. Thanks! 

I got an email saying my package was delivered but I didn't receive it.  What can I do? 

In most cases we've discovered that when the package hasn't arrive it usually means it was delivered to the wrong address mistakenly.  The good news is that your order will probably show up in just a few more days as the mistake is discovered and rectified.   Because of this, please wait up to five days from the date of "delivery" before reaching out to DBT.  If, by chance, your order still hasn't arrived after 5 days of the supposed delivery date please email us at

How much is shipping at DBT?

We are glad to be able to offer free shipping on all products going to US addresses. 

Do you ship outside of the United States?

Yes!  But you'll have to cover the shipping, duties, taxes on those orders.