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Trent's Story

This is the video that started the world-wide interest in Trent and his art

At Drawings by Trent we want to encourage families to help their children achieve their full potential, educate communities on the important role individuals of all skill and ability levels play, and inspire everyone to discover and use their own talents. Part of accomplishing those objectives involves helping Trent become a productive member of society while doing something he loves (that's what we all want, right?). When you purchase a piece of Trent's art you are not only supporting him, you're giving families hope.  


Trent was born in 1997 and diagnosed with classic Autism at the age of two. He began drawing as soon as he could hold a pen. For years there were animals and text drawn on all his family’s walls, three feet off the floor. Trent loves to read (animal books), listen to music (just about anything!), and watch TV (Phineas and Ferb & almost everything Disney - often in a foreign language). Having very limited verbal communication, Trent deals with much frustration, but finds an escape through drawing. Because Trent does not want to part with any of his original drawings, a limited number of prints have been made of some of his most interesting drawings.
Trent’s View of the Zoo coloring book was created by the incredible staff at Heartspring, an international school for children with communication disorders located in Wichita, KS where Trent attended for eight years. When Trent began attending Heartspring in 2009, he could not be left at home without his father present. He was violent and aggressive and could fly into a rage at any moment for any reason. Now as an adult, Trent is almost always compliant, and typically a joy to be around!


Though Trent Has Difficulty Expressing Himself, The Emotion In His Art Is Unmistakable

Trent has been drawing since he could hold a pen in his little hand. His favorite medium has always been phonebooks - we have hundreds (please don't save any for us) filled with his art. Trent will draw on just about anything: napkins, sketch pads, our walls (when he was younger), his sister's play kitchen, the side of our dresser, couches, his brothers drums, his iPad, and of course his #trampolineart. He just loves to draw!
Trent also loves music. He listens to music constantly and is a big fan of 80's music as well as Toby Mac and has most of the songs on his CD's memorized - names, track number, album. Though Trent listens to a wide variety of music, he is not a fan of country, with the exception of Johnny Cash!
Trent also enjoys just about everything animated that Disney has ever created... as well as Phineas and Ferb. It's not uncommon to catch him watching a show in Spanish or French.

Trent's Family

Trent's family lives in ElDorado, KS with his parents. Trent's mom, Andrea, is a school psychologist in the public schools. His father, Corey, planted Real Life Church in ElDorado, KS in 2007, and is the lead pastor there.

Trent's older brother, Trevor, is a percussionist. He performs often around the greater Wichita area, teaches private lessons, instructs drum lines, and is a full-time teacher at a nearby community college. You can find Trevor on Instagram at tlandrethperc. He is also the co-host of the Couch Critics podcast - also found on Instagram and Twitter at couchcriticspod

Trent's sister, Tristen, is closest to Trent in age and is a care provider for Trent part-time. Tristen also works for Heartspring where she provides ASD training to businesses and organizations, as well as assisting families in the community with support and resources. Tristen also does macrame and hand-lettering art. You can check that out at on Instagram. Tristen's husband, Easton, is the host of the Couch Critics podcast where Tristen is also an all-time guest! 

Trent's younger brother, TJ, holds the bragging rights to say that he is the only sibling to have been raised with Trent his entire life! TJ comes over often, but lives with a group of friends nearby. He is an arborist and loves to do outdoor activities! All of Trent's siblings help in the care of Trent and wouldn't want it any other way.

Trent is with his family most of the time, except when spending time at his day program. Trent attended Heartspring school in Wichita, KS for eight years, and we can't say enough about what a wonderful school it is! Now, as an adult, he attends a day program three days/week and spends two days/week with his sister, Tristen. 

Our newest family endeavor is the creation of the podcast Used Up Pens! This podcast is directed and produced by Trevor, and hosted by Tristen with Trent's parents as regular guests. Other guests of the podcast will include his other siblings, grandparents, and more. We are excited to kick this podcast off in August of 2021!

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