Language has always been a struggle for Trent, in part because so much of it is tied to social cues, norms and expectations - all of which Trent struggles to understand and navigate.  So if you ever say, “Thank you” to Trent there is a 95% chance that his response will be, “thank you” followed closely by, “you’re welcome.”   But since so many of you have been interacting with him on social media he is getting so much better verbalizing the appropriate response!  So… Thank You! 

Thank You Cards

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What better way to say Thank You than with a super unique card from Trent?!  Each card features a mixed-up animal from the mind of Trent, a hippo-frog, gorilla-lion, lion-zebra and a duckoceros along with Thank You in Trent's own handwriting, which, if you've seen him write is as unique as his animals creations!  

Each card also has a little info about Trent and links to his website and social so when you say Thank You to someone they get the opportunity to discover Trent as well! 

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  • 12 cards
  • 4 designs (3 of each)
  • 13 envelopes
  • ​4 3/8" x 5 3/4"

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