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The Process

Every Friday Trent sits down with Kendall and John and draws at Heartspring. This is where the images for the coloring book come from. We are so thankful to the team at Heartspring for all their hard work in making Trent's View Of The Zoo a reality.

For the limited edition prints we have thousands of images to go through.  Stacks of phonebooks and drawing pads fill Trent's closet, choosing those we think will be the most interesting and best representation of his ability is not always easy.  But since he does NOT like to part with his art we make high-quality prints.  And to make sure you get a unique piece, we make a limited number available.

Every print we sell is a reproduction of Trent's original, freehand art.  We hope you enjoy them!

Our Partnership with Heartspring:



Trent has been attending Heartspring for 8 years and is due to exit their program in August of 2017.  During the last 8 years Heartspring has developed a flagship Competitive Integrated Employment program where they help educate their students in many different skill-sets that they will be able to use in their lives after Heartspring.  Through our partnership the students in Heartspring learn valuable skills that will help them the rest of their lives.  

Because of this partnership and the involvement of students with varying attention, skill and coordination challenges only some of the products available from Drawings by Trent are assembled by the Heartspring students.  Mainly, they fold, count, compile and package the majority of the occasion cards sold online.  They also compile, bind and package the majority of Trent's coloring books - some of the stages involved require the help of Heartspring staff to complete. 

We are grateful to be able to partner with the students of Heartspring in continuing their competitive employment education.  

Here's some pictures of the separate stages of the coloring book assembly process.  
Trent draws After the holes are punched the students insert the bindingsAfter their packaged students price each one.

 Trent's art has been featured on several products!  


We are so excited to announce our partnership with GroVia and the Natural Baby Company for #autismacceptance! Trent's #trampolineart is featured on the Heartspring print from GroVia in a number of styles and $1 from every diaper will go to Trent's school, Heartspring, in Wichita, KS. . If you use cloth diapers or are into natural parenting check out GroVia's Heartspring print and get some of these unique and inspirational items for you and your baby!




Trent isn't much of a fisherman, but his art is being featured on the April label of Catfish Bubblegum for Autism Awareness Month!  No, it's not actually catfish flavored bubblegum, but a no-stink catfish bait that looks and feels like bubblegum.  If you're into fishing you've got to try this bait!











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