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It's hard to believe sometimes that Trent now has 3 unique coloring books each expressing a different time in his life and style to his art. Trent's View of the Zoo was his first coloring book and has one large fun image per page. Then came Trent's Motley Menagerie which features a bunch of images per page and really shows not only his detail but his sense of humor as well! Finally, after about a year on social media we put together Trent's Quirky Requests. Each page features two images that came straight from the request cup (back when they could all fit in a 24oz Dallas Cowboys game cup). Over the years Trent has changed a lot but his art has remained, unmistakable.

3 Pack Trent's Coloring Books

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So many people love Trent's coloring books so we decided to put together a pack of all three, minus the crayons, so you could get them all for a special price.  You save $6 when you buy all three at once! 

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What You Get:

  • 1 Trent's View of the Zoo coloring book with sticker page
  • 1 Trent's Motley Menagerie coloring book with sticker page
  • Trent's Quirky Requests coloring book with sticker page

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