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Drawn to Be You was absolutely inspired by Trent’s art.  We found a sketchbook of his drawings with a whole bunch of animals that were missing parts or just didn’t look right (a stripe-less zebra and a maneless lion to name a few) and we knew we had to write a book!  Since Trent doesn’t have functional language, Drawn to be You is narrated by one his creations, Allister the happy hippo, who also appears on Trent’s No Limits! Shirts and tumblers and the Allister kid’s shirts.  The book is filled with Trent’s amazing and unmistakeable drawings and Allister shares a lot of info about Trent too.  

Drawn To Be You

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Trent's very first book! 

We are all different. Our physical appearance, personality and little quirks make us unique. But most of the time, the things that some may consider 'different', are actually a part of a bigger story in which all of us have a place. Through the eyes of an amazingly gifted artist, Trent Landreth's illustrations give the reader a glimpse into a new way of looking at the world. Authors Corey and Andrea Landreth's words will show you the fun in discovering the differences we all have and reassuring the reader that you were "Drawn to Be You''.  It hasn't won any awards and chances are it will never hit the New York Times best seller list, but we think your child, and probably you, will love it. 

Illustrated by Trent Landreth

Corey and Andrea Landreth with Jefferson Knapp

Publisher: Kraken Books Ltd. Click the link to see more great titles from Kraken Books! 

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